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  2. Xanthippe definition is - an ill-tempered woman. History and Etymology for Xanthippe. Noun. Greek Xanthippē, shrewish wife of Socrates.
  3. Xanthippe, Socrates’ wife, was a woman who didn’t leave a good impression. But today given the temporal distance to the 4 th century BCE, we can take a clearer look at the relation of this strange couple. Was it Xanthippe’s explosive temper that led Socrates to becoming a philosopher, or was maybe Socrates’ devotion to philosophy that.
  4. Xanthippe (zan-THIHP-ee) is known not as a mere name discovered through archaeological research but as a meaningful figure in ancient literature. Since almost no contemporary Athenian women thus.
  5. Xanthippe. also (incorrectly) Xantippe, late 16c., spouse of Socrates (5c. B.C.E.), the prototype of the quarrelsome, nagging wife. The name is related to the masc. proper name Xanthippos, a compound of xanthos "yellow" (see xantho-) + hippos "horse" (from PIE root *ekwo-"horse").
  6. Mar 03,  · That isn’t to say that all writers wrote of Xanthippe as a shrew. Plato portrays her as a devoted wife and mother within the early pages of the, the overwhelming consensus is that she was an argumentative, troublesome wife who was the source of many headaches for the philosopher.
  7. Xanthippe's Tongue After trying to preserve my previous blog, New Year, New Dreams, I have begun again. I'm 68 years old, an occasionally employed educator, wife, mother, bibliophile who often travels to France and Mexico. As an older woman, who is not a grandmother, I am becoming increasingly aware of the need to assume my role as an elder.
  8. I'm Xanthippe, or Xan for short. I'm a queer, trans artist, and I make comics! The main comics I'm working on right now are Thinking Too Much to Think Positively, an autobiographical series dealing with my life and transition; and Pandora's Tale, a story of trans identity, resistance, and catgirls. My work can be found in many places!
  9. Synonyms for Xanthippe at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for Xanthippe.
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